Why Akuapem

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Simply put, we’re from here. Much of our founding team has roots in Akropong and have long called the Akuapem area home. What better place to start a business than your home town?

The Akuapem area has a history of cultivating and processing coffee that can be traced back to the 1930’s in the Ahabanten area. In establishing a roasting facility in the Akuapem area , we seek to draw attention back to the coffee sector as a viable means of boosting employment , empowering locals, and contributing to rural development.

Akropong is located just an hour drive from the capital city of Accra in the Akuapem Mountains. This location offers quick access to the resources and networks of Accra while also maintaining proximity to local coffee farmers.

Socio-Economic Impact Project

Asili Coffee is working on poverty reduction and the economic empowerment of under-served farmers in Akuapem, Eastern Region of Ghana.

We are utilizing coffee as a catalyst for socio-economic change and rural development.

  • We partner with public sector institutions to distribute free coffee seedlings, for farmers.

  • We aid farmers who require farm land and/or seek financial support from investors for inputs.

  • As a coffee processor based within the Akuapem area we are a ready off taker for the farmer, ensuring fair purchase at world market price.

  • Finally, we provide direct market linkages by processing,developing and selling a private label coffee brand on behalf of the farmers. This is crucial as it enables the farmer to maximize revenue per crop yield through value addition. This significantly reduces the vast disparity in terms of income between farmers and other actors further down the value chain such as roasters and retailers.